Limbic Systems has been accepted into the prestigious Inner City Capital Connections program which is sponsored by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC). ICCC is the country’s only program that educates investment-ready companies about equity and other sources of capital and matches them with investors to grow their businesses and create jobs. The program helps growing inner city businesses:

  • Discover the full range of financial options ranging from debt to angel, private equity and alternative funding
  • Obtain one-on-one feedback from seasoned investors and consultants
  • Optimize your business growth strategy to attract potential investors
  • Build and strengthen relationships with investors

Selected companies participate in a free one-day coaching session on company valuation and pitching to investors. ICCC’s coaches also explain the full spectrum of financial options available and the importance of building business capacity throughout the organization to prepare for capital infusion. Following this preparation, ICCC introduces inner city companies to private equity investors in formal “speed dating” encounters and other sessions suited for debt, angel and alternative funding.

ICCC companies have raised $406 million in capital since 2005. Of those who do not attract funding at ICIC’s own events, the majority benefit from the training and pitching experience: Over 90% of ICCC participants have attracted financing within two years.